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  • Bottle Trolley

    We  manufactured  the bottle trolley for shifting / loading/unloading the the 20 ltr. warter camper in 2/3/4 pcs.  the our trollley knows as loading and unloading trolley. this trolley having 02 nos of wheels with advance technology, which are mavable on carpet area also. MOQ 01 each init

  • Bottle Trolleys


    Approx Price: Rs 4,000 /Piece(s)

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    bottle trolley – for shifting  & loading   03 nos  of 20 ltr  water camper   , cold drinld bottle packs       and light weight article  etc.   available with   two wheels   and  better way for  shifting &  loading of pack of soft dring etc. In build area . This  bottle trolley  will move   without trouble on  wooden and carper firsh / floor  etc.